The Best Place for My Sister and Me

Looking at the Brandon Florida apartments was actually pretty fun. My sister and I were looking for a nice apartment there, and we took our time to make sure that we got the absolute best one for us. That meant looking at every complex we could find online, which ended up being quite a few since we looked at some right outside the city limits too. After looking at all of them, we compared notes and had to laugh when we saw that we had both put Overlook at Crossroad Walk as our top individual choice.

Though we have similar tastes, we both thought that we would have to argue for our top pick since we had looked at so many. Another thing that made us laugh was when we saw that we had picked out the same floor plan. We both liked The Bridge layout. Even though it is not the biggest floor plan for two bedrooms, it was the one that we both liked the best. It has so much going for it, both inside the apartment as well as what is available to us as soon as we step outside the door.

The layout is great for us both. When you first walk into the apartment that is now ours, the coat closet is to the left. The laundry room is next, followed by the kitchen, which has its very own pantry. From there, it takes on an L shape. The dining area is next to the kitchen, and the living room is next to that. We each have our own bedroom, bathroom and walk in closet on either side of the living room. I think both of our favorite spots is the balcony that is off the living room. It is amazing to just sit there and watch the sunset. This is definitely the best place for us.