I Have My Own Studio in My Apartment

I honestly did not think that I would find the kind of apartment that I have right now. That is why I didn’t even look for Asheville apartments for rent when I needed to find a new place to live. I wanted to have a large work area because I am an artist. I have not hit it big yet, but I do well enough to where I earn my living from it. I needed to have a work area for my studio rather than just a second bedroom that was converted.

When my cousin told me about an apartment she had just looked at, it really did sound perfect to me but I was still skeptical because apartments just don’t have that kind of free space. Well, one does, but I had to see it with my own eyes to even believe it. It has two floors to it. The upper floor is the living area. It has a single bedroom, a master bath, a large closet for my clothes and other stuff, a living room that has a balcony that opens up off it, and a decent sized kitchen. There is also a laundry closet and a pantry in the kitchen.

When you go downstairs, there is a super huge storage area where I keep all my supplies. When I say it is super huge, it is actually almost the size of my bedroom. There is also a half bath, and the rest of it is free space to use how I want. I imagine some would use it for a game room or a man cave, but it is perfect for my studio. I could never rent a studio this nice without putting out a lot of money in town, so I do not take this for granted at all.