I Think I Found My New Home

I have been doing pretty well at work lately and so I have decided that it is time for me to get started on looking for a new place. Right now I am checking out the Ballantyne apartments in NC The apartments where I live now have a lot of problems both big and small. One of the things that I really dislike is the fact that the parking lot is really not well lit. If you go out on the balcony in the middle of the night there is a reasonable chance that there will be someone out there trying to break into cars. I had to go get an alarm for my car and these people have set it off three times in the past few months. Of course some of these things could be just random people bumping up against the car, or it could be someone doing it deliberately. Just setting off the alarm to be a punk, which is what one of the kids here told me was happening.

I went to look at this really nice place the other day and it would be great if you did not factor in the size of the rent. I can not really afford that, although if I gave up some other stuff I suppose it would be possible. However that is not really practical, since I really like the things I have to give up. For one thing these are all of the fun stuff. There is not much point to it if you are just going to be miserable obviously. I did love the gym at this place and I really loved the pool, which was obviously designed for big parties. I asked and they said that they would have a party there a lot of weekends, during the daylight when no one would get too upset about the noise.