I Am Driving a Party Bus

I guess that this is the sort of job that is good if you are trying to be a writer, but of course the big thing is that you have to be able to deal with people that have been drinking. That is something that I am much better at when I have been drinking too, but so far this has worked really well. I got here about two months ago and I am sharing some Summerlin apartments in Las Vegas with two guys who I went to high school with. The two of them got me this job, driving a party bus. It pays pretty well, obviously you need to have a commercial driver’s license and most of all you need to have a high tolerance for nonsense. There is going to be a lot of that obviously, especially if you are doing a bachelor party. That can really be wild, but you have to focus.

I spend a lot of my time waiting outside of nightclubs and so I carry a cooler with me a couple of books and magazines. There is obviously a lot of boredom in that part of it and so I have started to work on some online courses. I figure that I am not too far away from learning some things that could get me a better job. Since I have so much free time I may as well use it to learn things. It only makes sense for me to make the best possible use of the time instead of just sitting around being bored. The thing left is to get a girlfriend and I am about half way there. I met this really interesting girl that goes to UNLV and she seems to be interested in me too, so we have started to go out.