The Powder Spraying Line: How Each Stage Plays Its Part

The powder coating production line consists of a whole line of machines, each of which play their vital part in the finishing of a metal part in an assembly. As this is a different process altogether from spray painting, it’s essential to understand the stages of the process and how each unit fits in. So let’s examine the powder spray line to see how it all works.

Let’s take as our example the fully automated finishing line. Conveyers take each part along the line to their first stop, a multi-stage automated washer. This unit cleans off all dirt and chemical contaminants which may still be adhering to the untreated part, as impurities will affect both the pre-treatment and the coating process itself. From there, the parts are then transported to the pre-treatment booth, where final cleaning takes place. Once the part is cleared, it is then conveyed to the spray booth.

Inside the automated spray booth, robot arms hang the part onto the rack and the booth is sealed. After electrical grounding, computer controlled sprayers apply the powder stream. These application guns are programmed to both charge the powder as it is sprayed and to follow the pre-set coating pattern. The spray patterns can be selected from a set on file or can be custom-tailored as necessary. The control computer will execute its task until the timer has run its course.

Next, the coated part is then conveyed to the curing oven, where heat lamps generate temperatures of between 450-500°F to ensure maximum coverage and setting as the powder particles partially melt into one another. Settings for temperature, time, and lamp control can be inputted or modified as necessary. Meanwhile, the spray booth undergoes the cleaning cycle. Plenum air vents extract all waste powder left over from the application and recover as much as possible for reuse. No residue is left behind, and there are no toxic wastes to deal with afterward.

When curing is completed, the parts are extracted from the oven and conveyed to cooling racks. Automated production ensures the entire process is executed efficiently to maximize production. Now here, it is possible to view more detailed information of the units comprising the production line and the options available for clients looking to add a powder coating system to their factory space.